City promises repairs to dangerous patch in high-traffic bike lane


Uneven roads and potholes can be a nuisance for drivers, but they’re especially dangerous for bicyclists.

Someone used the “Honolulu 311” app to let the city know about a bump in the bike lane on S. Beretania Street.

KHON2 went down to check it out and reached out to the city to find out how long it would take to get it fixed.

The Department of Design and Construction said they were aware of the “bulge,” and that a contractor would begin repairs by the end of next week.

“It looks like there was some sort of repair that went on. This isn’t the original pavement,” said Daniel Alexander, communications director for Hawaii Bicycling League.

Standing on S. Beretania Street at the corner of Hale-Makai Street, across from the Honolulu Police Department’s main station, we watched large garbage trucks and city buses driving through a groove on the left side of the bulge with tire marks indented in it.

“The bike lane is the reserve space for people to cycle in,” Alexander said. “It’s where you are legally required as a bicyclist to ride if you’re on the road. If the bicycle lane is unsafe, like I said, there’s gravel in it. There’s glass in it. There’s bumps in it. The bicyclist at that point needs to ride in the general, in the lane sharing of traffic.”

“As we do repairs to our roads, we need to keep in mind that they need to be smooth and that’s important for cyclists for safety, not just for comfort, but to make sure that they can safely control their bike while they’re riding.”

We stopped a family of four riding bikes in the bike lane to ask if they thought the bump created a dangerous situation. They were on vacation, visiting Hawaii for the first time, enjoying a day of bike riding around the city.

“If you’re unskilled at riding, I think you could definitely fall off,” Shane Morgan said. “It’s in an awkward spot, like right at a stop sign or where you can carry on through the light, so it can do with being fixed.”

“I was a bit concerned for the boys,” added Lesa Morgan as she gestured to her two pre-teen sons on bikes in front of her.

KHON2 will follow up to let you know when the city completes repairs to the bike lane.

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