City park problems caused by pesky pests


Separate problems are impacting the lights at two different city parks.

But the causes are similar, pests.

The pests the parks are dealing with are rats in Waipio and a birds in Ewa.

Small animals that are causing a big problem.

At the Central Oahu Regional Park, rats ate the insulation for electric wires connected to the light fixtures at one of the softball fields.

KHON2 learned the lights are working again, and park users told me it’s had a limited impact.

The city says it will use rat traps to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

KHON2 asked how much the damage will cost to fix, and if the city is looking for a more permanent solution?

The city wasn’t able to talk today, but said they will have a cost when the work is finished.

The rats weren’t the only animals causing problems.

The city says a bird made a nest in the tennis court lights at Ewa Mahiko District Park.

That caused a fire so park staff had to cut the power to the lights.

KHON2 will let you know when that gets fixed and how much these pesky problems cost taxpayers.

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