After a year-and-a-half of work, there’s finally a new and improved baseball field at Aiea District Park. The city made several upgrades to the field including new dugouts, a new batting cage, renovated bathrooms and a better irrigation system.

The improvements were unveiled Saturday morning before the Aiea-Campbell high school game.

And the city has other projects already underway. Dept. of Parks and Recreation director Michele Nekota says making sure residents have a safe and fun place to spend their time is a top priority. Parks add to quality of life, so her department’s work is never done.

Nekota says the work done on Aiea District Park was “a $1.19 million project. The rest of the baseball fields are probably in the area of $600,000.

Other baseball improvement projects have included the diamond at Hauula Community Park, which was renovated and re-opened in December. Next on the list is the field at Kahala Community Park, which should be completed in 4-5 months’ time.

But work isn’t just focused on baseball fields. We’re told improvements are also underway at the tennis courts at Keehi Lagoon and Manoa Valley District Park’s gymnasium. “When it rains, it leaks really bad,” Nekota said.

We spoke with residents like Joseph Auld from the leeward side who tell me they’d like to see more improvements to rural parks. “Benches by the courts, water fountains for the kids, clean bathrooms, that’s the main thing,” he said.

We’re told renovations to date have been made at 47 restrooms, 46 play areas and 121 sports courts, and work continues.

Nekota says security cameras are being installed at more comfort stations. “We haven’t had a problem recently, so I’m hoping that’s a good indication that its not going to happen as much.”

Some of those new security cameras will be unveiled next week at Kaiaka Bay Beach Park.