The city is trying to get residents to take responsibility for their neighborhood’s storm drains.

The city’s Department of Facility Maintenance recently expanded its Unclutter Street Gutters initiative to the Waipahu area.

It includes partnerships with local businesses and organizations, community events and street clean up events.

“We’re excited to announce the expansion of our Unclutter Street Gutters program to the Waipahu neighborhood,” said Ross Sasamura, P.E., Director and Chief Engineer of the City’s Department of Facility Maintenance. “After a successful launch of our program in Kalihi, we’re thrilled to shift our focus to the thriving Waipahu community, and we hope to see residents engaged and encouraged to do their part to protect our ocean and keep our waters clean. So everybody has a role in this. Everybody has a responsibility. Everybody can make a difference by actually going out and not only cleaning the gutter in front of their property, or the house they live in, or the apartment that they live in. But also make sure that pollutants don’t get into the street and into the gutter where it will eventually end up into a stream or into the ocean.” 

According to the 2013 Clean Water Survey, only three percent of Waipahu residents surveyed expressed that the renter or occupant has a responsibility to clean the sidewalk and street gutter area fronting their property. 

SWQ’s new initiative is working to shift perspectives and aid residents as they take ownership to maintain street gutters around their neighborhood.

The City provides support to groups that would like to organize a sweep up event in their neighborhood. 

For more information on this program and other ways to keep our storm drains clean and clear of debris, please visit the DFM-SWQ website at or call (808) 768-3343.

About Department of Facility Maintenance – Storm Water Quality Branch

The mission of the Storm Water Quality Branch (SWQ) is to empower and provide guidance for the public on effective ways to minimize our impact on water quality in order to protect public health and the beauty of Oahu. 

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