WAHIAWA (KHON2) — The holiday season is fast approaching, some may say it’s already here.

Despite concerns about drought, there will be lots of options for your Christmas centerpiece, but it might cost you more.

Droughts in the Pacific Northwest over the summer had caused some scare about the crops of Christmas trees that would come to the islands. Most of the shipments we get come from Oregon and Washington state.

“One of the types of trees that we usually brought in we aren’t bringing in because of the drought, the condition of the trees were last year so the kind of sturdier trees that have fared better and better through the weather that are what we’re bringing in,” Habilitat marketing director Becky Harrison said.

Habilitat is selling Douglas, Noble, and Nordmann Firs with presales going on now and lots opening up on November 26th. This year you can expect a bit of a bump in prices.

“The prices have gone up and it will go up more retail just because of everything shipping the trees. Everything is costing us more so we have to raise the price a little bit,” Harrison said.

It already smells a bit like Christmas at Helemano farms in Wahiawa, where you can get a locally-grown tree. They have a stock of 12,000 Cypress and Norfolk Pines, but they can only sell about 4-5 thousand this year.

“You know they’re fresh, we cut them right in front of you, and you’re supporting local, if they do have bugs in them at least they’re local bugs. Not bringing any new species,” owner Aaron O’Brien said.

The islands also had plenty of drought this year.

“The drought was pretty bad all the grass in this field was brown,” O’Brien said.

Inflation played a role in the production as well.

“It’s gone up quite a bit, labor has gone up 20%, fuel everybody knows, fertilizer has gone up 60% so it’s a lot of added expense,” he added.

Norfolk Pines are available starting November 19th and Cypress is added to the inventory on Black Friday.