An Oahu public charter school principal and a school officer were arrested by state sheriffs Tuesday.

According to the Department of Public Safety, the principal at Myron B. Thompson Academy, Diana Oshiro, was booked for tampering with official documents.

Kurumi Kaapana-Aki, the school’s elementary division officer, was booked for tampering with official documents and theft.

Both were released pending further investigation. (UPDATE 5/24/16: Oshiro and Kaapana-Aki have been charged. View the story here.)

A DPS spokeswoman said the arrests were made as part of an investigation by the attorney general’s office, however officials there would not comment.

In 2011, the school was among 10 public charter schools that were audited. The audit found $133,000 in overpayments to school staff.

View the audit in its entirety here.

The academy was also the center of an ethics investigation.

Myron Thompson, governing board chairman for Myron B. Thompson Academy said in a statement:

On behalf of the Governing Board of the Myron B. Thompson Academy, we were dismayed to learn of the charges that have been leveled against principal Diana Oshiro and Elementary Administrator Kurumi Aki. We have much aloha for Ms. Oshiro and Ms. Aki who have both been outstanding leaders for our educational institution.

Due to the lack of information at this time, it would be irresponsible to comment on this matter.

State Public Charter School Commission Chairperson Catherine Payne said in a statement:

“The Commission is concerned, however the governing board of Myron B. Thompson Academy must first be allowed to address this issue. The Commission will be following up with the governing board.”