Caught on camera: Catamaran workers free whale shark from net off Kauai coast


Guests aboard a catamaran cruise off the Napali Coast on Kauai earlier this month got an experience they will never forget.

The sightseeing tour stumbled across an awe-inspiring sight.

“We saw the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen, a whale shark,” said passenger Miranda Weiss.

That excitement quickly turned to concern when Weiss and everyone else aboard the catamaran realized the whale shark was entangled in fishing net.

That launched a rescue mission of huge proportions.

“There was a net that was attached to the top fin, and it also was kind of in the side, pectoral fins, I think they’re called,” Weiss said.

From there, it didn’t take long for a couple of crew members to quickly spring into action. They grabbed a pocket knife and a GoPro, and jumped into the water where they came face to face with the giant, yet docile creature.

“When the crew member went to help it, it was letting him. It wasn’t trying to pull away or trying to run away. It wanted the net off of him,” Weiss said.

Eventually those on board say the whale shark did a giant roll as if to say mahalo, and was last seen swimming of the stern of the ship.

“It was an experience I’ll never forget, and that I know my family that was with me on the catamaran will never forget,” Weiss said. “We went in expecting to see turtles and dolphins, and ended up seeing a whale shark.”

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