The Hawaii Island Humane Society needs your help after a cat was found shot with a hunting arrow.

The shelter says a cat was found in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant at The Kona Commons shopping center.

Kona shelter manager Roxy O’Neal responded after receiving a call on Tuesday, Dec. 20, at around 1:44 a.m.

“When I approached it, I then very quickly saw there was indeed an arrow that went through the cat, but was still stuck inside the cat, and the cat was just lying there,” she said. “It appeared paralyzed to me and obviously very distressed.

“I could see the broadhead sticking out and very distinct, almost like razor blade-type spurs on this arrow,” she added. “It was pretty horrific scene, especially because the cat was still in fact alive.”

The cat eventually died.

Officials say this is not the first incident in the area. They’ve received nearly a dozen reports this year of cats being tortured or poisoned.

“We have heard from some people in the community that maybe disagree with the feral cat population in that area,” O’Neal said, but “there are more humane options to reduce any overpopulation that you might not agree with. No animal should be hurt in a way where it has to suffer that way.”

If you have any information, call the Hawaii Island Humane Society (Kona Shelter 808-329-1175) or police.