Cat apparently shot by pellet gun, dies on resident’s doorstep


Police are investigating a new case of animal cruelty after a cat was found shot in Kalaeloa on Sunday.

In the last month, there have been three cases of malicious attacks against animals.

Vanessa Nacorda, who lives on Shark Place in Kalaeloa, is used to seeing cats wandering around the neighborhood at night. But, she says, what happened Sunday night was something she’d never witnessed in over a decade living in the neighborhood.

“I could hear what sounded like a gun cranking or a BB gun or air gun or pellet gun cranking. It sounded like it was coming from right outside my front window,” she said. “Not more than 15 minutes after that, I could hear rambling coming through my garage like the cat was scrambling. Before you know it, it passed away in front of my front door.”

Police say the cat had been hit by a BB or pellet gun. This is the third incident we know of in just the past month in which a cat was hurt or killed.

Last month, a cat was found shot with a hunting arrow in The Kona Commons shopping center and eventually died. Last Tuesday, a pet cat was shot with an arrow in Nanakuli, but survived.

Nacorda says in the past she’s trapped and neutered feral cats to help keep the population down, and says the cats in the neighborhood generally keep to themselves.

She says she hopes this won’t happen again.

“It’s animal cruelty. They shouldn’t even be out doing what they’re doing,” Nacorda said. “I would be concerned because what if it was pointed when I was standing out here? Or even in my living room? We’re on the lookout now that we know something like this is happening, and a police report has been made, so if I were them, I’d stop what you’re doing and if not, hopefully they get caught.”

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