Career program exposes hundreds of students to Hawaii’s tourism industry


With tourism at the center of our island economy, the industry is looking to get some of Hawaii’s best and brightest started on their career paths.

On Friday, the Hawaii Tourism Authority exposed hundreds of Oahu high school and college students to opportunities in the tourism industry.

The 5th annual LEI program, which stands for Leadership, Exploration, and Inspiration, takes place on four different islands. It connects students with government and industry leaders, and offers tours of participating hotels, and cultural training.

“I just want the kids to really have a good day today. I want them to really see what we do,” said HTA president and CEO George Szigeti. “At the end of the day, what do we really do in the visitor industry? We put smiles on people’s faces when we bring them to Hawaii.”

LEI also takes place on Kauai (April 6), Maui (April 13), and Hawaii Island (April 15-16). In all, more than 800 high school students, 100 college students, and 85 businesses are expected to participate.

The program is held in partnership with ClimbHI, a non-profit organization that works to inspire students to finish high school and proceed to post-secondary educations or employment.

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