A new car-sharing concept that’s already found in major cities could be coming to Honolulu.

KHON2 first told you about it last month, and a company is hoping to bring the concept to Honolulu.

Car2go says it’s ready to launch, but it’s waiting for the city to give the green light.

To use Car2go’s Smart cars, a membership is needed. The company says their cars could help ease traffic.

“Traffic here is so slow and so frustrating,” said Aaron Landry, Car2go’s Honolulu manager. “We compete with L.A. being the worst. Anything that helps move people around the city in a more efficient way.”

Car2go is in 29 major cities worldwide. The business plans to give people an easier option to get from point A to point B.

With TheBus service, King Street Cycle Track and the building of rail, Honolulu transit options are expanding. So how could a car-sharing service help the city?

“A lot of trips are just one person in one vehicle,” Landry said. “This car is designed for those single-person trips where you don’t necessarily have to worry about parking in the end.”

Car2go says the Smart cars would be parked on the street in metered parking spots.

“Clearly, for parking on the street, where we would have revenue from the meter, there has to be some revenue return to the city and county,” said director Michael Formby at the Department of Transportation Services.

Car2go says that won’t be an issue, but will that mean less parking spots for drivers?

While the city admits it’s interested in bringing Car2go to Hawaii, it’s looking into solutions for that problem.

“The desire is not to penalize or hurt the community. Even the mayor is behind that. This is not to take away from the community, this is to give them another option,” said Formby.

There’s no exact launch date for Car2go and other car-sharing companies to come to Hawaii. The city says it’s still figuring out the kinks to make sure this pilot program is fair for both operators and the city.

Ultimately, officials wants Honolulu to be a transit-oriented city.