Capobianco must serve at least 50 years for murder of pregnant ex-girlfriend, arson


The Hawaii Paroling Authority has set the minimum sentence for Steven Capobianco at 50 years.

In December 2016, Capobianco was found guilty of murdering Carly “Charli” Scott, who was pregnant at the time. He was also convicted of second-degree arson for burning Scott’s vehicle.

Forty years of the minimum applies to his murder conviction, the other ten are for the arson.

Capobianco will be eligible for parole on June 29, 2064.

Scott was first reported missing in February 2014. 

She was 27 years old and five months pregnant at the time.

According to Capobianco, Scott had helped him get his car out of a ditch in Hana, and that was the last time anyone saw her alive.

A few days after she went missing, her burned SUV, clothes, hair, jawbone, and shoes were recovered, but her body was never found. 

The 50-year minimum sentence is shorter than what the judge recommended at Capobianco’s sentencing in March 2017. 

The judge recommended that Capobianco receive a minimum sentence of 70 years for the murder charge and an additional 10 years to run concurrently for the arson charge.

The final decision, however, is determined by the Hawaii Paroling Authority.

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