Can you guess? KHON2 pets and their people

KHON2 pets and their people

Here at KHON2 we love our furry friends.

Can you match the animals with the correct member of our KHON2 team?

Look for the answers below.

Howard Dashefsky belongs to Jameson (left) and Guinness (right). 

“Guinness was a rescue dog. I picked him up with my daughter from the Hawaiian Humane Society five years ago. Cost me $5. Thank you for the greatest dog ever! Jameson came to us by way of Kona on the Big Island this past summer.  Although he drives his brother nuts all the time, if Guinness could talk he would probably say, ‘Yeah he’s a pain, but I love him and I’m glad to have him around.'”

Marisa Yamane belongs to Nani.  

“She loves to eat, loves to sleep, and loves giving head bumps. She’s friendly to anyone who comes over to our house, and always greets us when we come home. Oh, and she was born in Texas.”

Manolo Morales belongs to Belle (left) and Bubba (right).

“Belle and Bubba are both rescue dogs, although they are nothing alike. Bubba is carefree and outgoing, always wants to say hello to people and dogs that we meet. Belle is shy and reserved. She wants you to earn her trust. Yet they both get along nicely in our humble abode. We can all learn a thing or two from them!”

Elyssa Arevalo belongs to Rocket (left) and Raven (right).

“Raven likes to roll around on her treats before she eats them. She’s 2 years old and we got her from the Hawaiian Humane Society. She was returned by three families before we got her. Rocket is 1 year old.  He loves the dog park and he loves to hide under the bed.” 

How many did you get right? Let us know on our KHON2 Facebook page. 

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