Calvary by the Sea Church and School flooded


Flooding caused heavy damage at Calvary by the Sea Church and School in Aina Haina.  

We’re told the pre-school will have to be relocated until the water-soaked carpet can be ripped out and the floors redone.  Its 60 students won’t be able to attend school for at least a week.  

More than a foot of water filled the basement and offices, forcing the church to cancel services tonight.

But the church has been cleaned-up so services will be held tomorrow.

The pastor, Tim Mason, said he’s never seen anything like this in his 14-years  at the church.

“Shocked last night. From my house we knew it was a big storm, but I did not imagine this much water would come flying down the mountains and come into our area. It was just a totally shocking thing. The power was amazing,” Mason said.

The church is also looking at damage to its food pantry which was just filled yesterday.

Mason says it provides food to about 3,000 people every month and he wants to make sure it can still do that.

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