California digital road sign hacked to read ‘free hookers ahead’


(KOVR/CNN) — Prostitution is notorious for being conducted on shadowy streets and highways across the mainland. Usually it’s done subtly, so as not to draw attention from law enforcement.

But a digital road sign in the small town of Dixon, California recently appeared to not only advertise sexual services, but offer them for free.

The sign had most everyone doing a double take.

Instantly, people like driver Shelby Crabtree posted her photo of the sign on social media and it’s been shared now all across the county with running jokes.

“What’s the number to call or where, I didn’t see any hookers,” Crabtree said, “or they must of been hiding or something.”

It’s vandalism in the 21st century and it’s happened before — you may even remember the sign that read “Godzilla Attack!” in San Francisco.

While the hackers may have offered up a few laughs, hold that thought — it’s not free entertainment.

“If you see them doing that, call 911 and report them,” said Deanna Shoopman with the California Dept. of Transportation. “It’s vandalism, we don’t want to pay for that.”

She says the department hires independent contractors to put up the message boards and when this happens, it costs all of us.

“You don’t want to waste taxpayers’ money to send somebody out to correct it, or just having to take care something that should’ve never happened in the first place. Use your talents elsewhere,” she said.

Crabtree said even though she laughed, it’s certainly inappropriate and wouldn’t want her children to see it.

The sign has since been changed.

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