(KCAL/KCBS/CNN) — All moms think their babies are extraordinary — but 10-week-old Silas actually is.

When he was born prematurely via C-section at just 26 weeks, his amniotic sac didn’t rupture at birth, a true medical rarity.

“It was a moment that really did, even though it’s a cliche, we caught our breath,” said neonatologist Dr. William Binder of Los Angeles’ Cedars Sinai Medical Center. “It really felt like a moment of awe.”

A photo of Silas shows him still in his water bag, with the placenta and umbilical cord still tucked inside until the bag was broken. Silas was still getting oxygen through the placenta.

Binder snapped the photos with his cellphone before going to work on Silas, born a full three months early.

“It felt like slow-motion,” he said, “but realistically it was probably about 10 seconds that we had to sort of quickly pause and be able to do this, because at the same time, we want to get the baby out of that sac and start helping the baby to begin breathing,”

Mom Chelsea Philips didn’t know her firstborn had caused such a stir in the delivery room until hours later when her mother showed her the photo.

“It was definitely like a clear film where you could definitely make out his head and his hair,” she said. “He was kind of in a fetal position and you could see like his arms and his legs curled up. It was actually really cool to see, and when I heard that was actually really rare, I was like, oh my gosh, you’re a special little baby.”

Doctors said the baby is doing well and should be headed home in about a month, right around his due date.