Busy retail areas in Ala Moana, McCully affected by power outage


Power has been restored after an outage hit the Ala Moana and McCully areas Monday evening.

“I was at home and my mom was making dinner, and I was just finishing up my homework on the computer, and luckily before the power went out, I turned it in,” said resident Maddie Lee.

It occurred in town during one of the busiest times of the day.

Hawaiian Electric says approximately 100 customers were affected, including KHON2. The outage triggered technical difficulties in our studio and delayed our 5 p.m. newscast.

Parts of Ala Moana Center, Ward Village including Consolidated Theatres, and the Hawaii Convention Center were also affected.

At Ala Moana Center, the Honolulu Fire Department responded to two separate calls of people stuck in elevators. Fire officials said three adults and an infant were stuck for nearly an hour.

Walmart was closed with customers gathered outside the entrance, waiting for it to reopen.

“I was in the self checkout and the whole store just went completely back, and they told us, ‘Oh wait, the power might come back on,’ but the power never came back on,” said customer Patricia Suzuki.

A Ward Village spokesperson said power was out for 30 minutes, and only one ice cream store closed temporarily for health reasons.

When the power goes out, customers are switched over to a backup circuit.

“When we restore power from an outage, what happens is that customers will have their service switched over to a backup circuit, and when that switching occurs, you might see a quick surge or brief; lights go on and off very quickly,” explained HECO spokesman Darren Pai.

According to HECO, all power was restored by 5:45 p.m. There’s still no word on what caused the outage.

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