Busy night for Aloha Stadium as the Eagles take the stage


It’s another huge weekend for Aloha Stadium, with two major concerts happening. Friday night “The Eagles” are performing, while Saturday night it will be “Guns n’ Roses” rocking the stage.

The Eagles concert was up first. As soon as the gates to the Aloha Stadium parking lot were opened at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, cars started pouring in. 

“We are very excited, so excited that we were getting ready from 12 o’clock today, and we left at three and we all car pooled down here,” said The Eagles fan Sherri Thomas.

“We live in Ewa Beach. We left the house at 3:30 to get parking here,” said Mary Dunn.

For one Big Island couple, once they heard about the concert, they immediately bought tickets to the show and booked their flight.

“We were on the computer waiting, but they had opened early. When I had found out they had opened early, I panicked trying to find the right seat,” said David Woods.

He says he and his wife will also be attending the Guns n’ Roses concert tomorrow.

Another couple in town from Tennessee to participate in the marathon Sunday decided to come to the concert to celebrate their anniversary.

“We found out on our anniversary night which is December 7, 44 years ago, you guys are having The Eagles concert. So we got tickets. We’ve never seen The Eagles so we wanted to be here for that,” said Wade Kingsport.

Lines extended outside the turnstile gates as excited fans waited to get in.

Like the Bruno Mars concerts, security at the stadium is tight.

Again, it’s one bag per person. If you’re not bringing a bag, you do have the option of moving into the express line, where you’ll skip bag check, but still be screened by security. 

For Friday night’s concert, something that was different was the official fan merchandise tents were located outside the turnstile gates. Fans could still get some gear without having a ticket to the concert. 

One fan at the tents said he’s buying as many The Eagles merchandise as he can.

“I’ve always wanted to do this you know,” said fan Gordon Amps. “It means a lot. I tried to get to this concert many times, and it never panned out. I guess my brother knew that. So, he said we’re going to make it today. I’m bringing you over and we’re going.”

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