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Serving up sweet goodness every day.

If you love baked goods, This is your heaven. Tucked away in the back of Pearl City, plain doughnuts and pastries turn into sparkling little gems.
Although it looks like a fantasy workplace, everybody in The Patisserie bakeshop takes their job seriously. So much so they rarely ever stop to smell the, doughnuts. 

Those who bake for The Patisserie say the job never gets old. And there’s little time to be tired here. The Patisserie bakery churns out product 24-7, 365 days a year.

“We have so much variety” said The Patisserie’s Colleen Paparelli. “We make every type of doughnut and danish and pastry lavage the breads the rolls. If you’ve eaten at Teddy’s or  five guys you’ve had our buns” 

Colleen along with her husband Bob took over the business 15 years ago. A perfect fit for two people who grew up around families who produced food.

“It’s just wonderful. love the smells” said Colleen. “I grew up baking with my grandma cooking in the kitchen jarring food. Way back when I was going to the orchard and picking my peaches or strawberries or apples”.

“My grandmother started a catering business back in Michigan” said Bob Paparelli. “they produced everything The breads, the cake and the pies”.

Unlike their childhood days, technology and automation has helped the company grow.

But even today, there’s nothing like that perfect human touch. 
And like any business, the baking biz comes with challenges. One of the biggest was when they had to move locations. Twice. 

“So I basically had to construct a bakery before we moved our bakery,” said Bob Paparelli.

Then there are the stringent food safety guidelines. Both state and federal, that seem to change almost weekly.

“and it’s not easy keeping up with all the regulations” aid Colleen. “Our employees do a wonderful job. They have great attitudes and some have been with the company longer than 30 years”.

Something else the company does is Co-Packing. Meaning they bake and package their cookies and other goodies for other well-known companies. Undersigned confidentiality agreements of course. 
As Colleen likes to our it. The Patisserie is Hawaii’s undercover bakery

“Because of that most people don’t know you’re eating our product” said Colleen. “If you go to a restaurant or hotel or resort almost any place on the island 7-Eleven convenience store you’re eating our doughnuts, our danish, our cookies, our oatmeal raisin. All of those products”.

Bob Bob and Colleen say seeing those sweet treats roll down brings them joy.. Knowing it will bring others the same. And both also say … it never gets old

“Oh it’s never boring for me” said Colleen. “The hard part is sometimes working and I’m smelling and wondering what  they are baking right now. And I wonder if there’s one extra piece that I can go down there and steal it off the line” 

And despite all the savory ingredients they use, Colleen says the secret to their success is?

“Perseverance. And staying in unity forgiving each other we all make mistakes”

“It’s 24 seven,” said Bob Paparelli. “We start baking early in the morning that goes to about six at night. Maybe longer. Then the packing crew comes in, the drivers come in, and starts over again in the morning”.

“It takes all of us with the same goal to make a good polity product for the people of Hawaii” said Colleen. “I’m really proud of the job that they do.To me there’s nothing better than getting together with friends and family and having a good cup of coffee and a Danish”.

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