Business Matters: Michael Wu delivers everything from Chinese art to Feng Shui

Business Matters

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Michael Wu is not one to sit still and accept the status quo. He started his business 30 years ago in the Maunakea marketplace in Chinatown.

“At that time we only sold tea,” Wu said.

Realizing owning a tea shop wasn’t enough to make ends meet, he and his wife decided they needed to expand and started importing more merchandise for sale.

It was time to branch out yet again in 2009, he says.

“I decided to go back to school and learn Feng Shui and become certified,” Wu said.

Wu spent two years studying in Taiwan and returned as a Feng Shui master. His first task was to write a book.

His next order of business was to get a better grasp of the English language — something he thought was necessary for both his personal and professional growth.

“Luckily I had my children my friends my friends and even the customers they taught me how to pronounce and improve the grammar,” Wu said. “All those factors make me who I am today.”  

Now in a bigger store on Maunakea Street, Wu focuses on both selling merchandise, and his Feng Shui. He says business and demand for services grew every year right up until March, 2020, when the pandemic hit.

He says, tourists made up 20% of his business before March.

“Today is just 2%,” Wu said. “Cannot help cannot help but we try our best. 2020 was really a bad year.”

But determined to succeed he said he took the time during lockdown to learn and get better.

“So I did not waste any time,” Wu said. “I stayed at home I kept studying more and more English and learned what I need.”

And now he says all of us need to learn how proper Feng Shui in our lives can make a huge difference going into the new year

“Feng Shui is very important,” Wu said. “It helps you to approach your goals no matter how hard you work.”

He says his Feng Shui chart shows you how to decorate your home to create more energy and positivity in your life.

“So people can give it a try and if it doesn’t work. But if it works yeah it will help them a lot, yep.”

He said, the secret to success for anybody looking ahead is simple.

“I work hard and be smart and know the market,” Wu said. “Cope with changes. That will make you a success.”

If you are looking to improve your Feng Shui, Wu does make house calls — but be patient. He has already booked up well into March.

“Because I encourage people to try it,” Wu said. “Like you do try and lose nothing, but if it works help you I will help you a lot it will really help you a lot.”

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