In the world of cosmetic surgery, the before and after often life-changing.

But for a local plastic surgeon, changing lives goes far beyond simple appearances. 

Dr. Shim Ching has been transforming lives in Hawaii for more than 13 years. 

He’s been voted best at what he does, a testament to his expertise and success.

Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery is a beautiful and welcoming facility that allows his patients to feel at home and at ease when they walk in the door. 

But before, it was a much different picture.

“I remember my first office, I was actually working out of somebody’s kitchen, Dr. Brad Wong a very dear, old friend who let me use the kitchen in his office,” said Dr. Ching. “Three other doctors in addition to him but I worked out of there for about two years or so.”

Although the elective part of cosmetic surgery is a large part of what Dr. Ching does now, it’s a practice born out of something much different.

“I was trained as a microsurgeon and a hand surgeon,” said Dr. Ching. “We were reconstructing arms and legs after people are in very bad accidents.”

He says the transition from the ER into private practice is a logical one. 

Not only providing a more stable career with more predictable hours, but an opportunity to form his own team.

“We’re very happy where we are in this office a lot of the staff here has been with me and seeing all the changes that we’ve gone through. It is very exciting I’m very happy to be working in here now,” he said. 

A team he says, allows him to continue the type of work that he first embarked on when he started his career in Hawaii. 

Simply put – to help people.

“Here we still do with skin cancer which is very prevalent in Hawaii because of all the sun exposure we get and the other thing that I’ve chosen to focus on and reconstructive surgery is breast cancer breast reconstruction something that is a very big part of our practice,” said Dr. Ching. “We really value being able to help women who have lost their breast because to cancer and to be able to rebuild the breast and allow them to be more happy and more comfortable with their bodies.”

When it comes to his secret to success, Dr. Ching says he works everyday to make the lives of his employees and their families better and he treats all of his patients like family. 

“I feel very privileged as a plastic surgeon. I’m doing exactly what I wanted to do something that I trained years and years for living in Hawaii. I couldn’t imagine a better place to be in a better thing for myself to do”.

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