HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Honolulu Board of Realtors has its own Multiple Listing Service (MLS) when it comes to buying property on Oahu. It is the same case for Maui.

Kauai and Hawaii Island, however, share their own company called “Hawaii Information Service.”

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Created in 1984, the new company inherited a database along with an old mainframe computer and set out on what would be a challenging journey.

“We are one of the few self-built MLS’s in the nation,” said company CEO Faith Geronimo. “Today there’s less than ten of us that are doing it this way. Which means? Which means we can continue to have custom solutions.”

The company used handwritten index cards when it first started keeping records in 1995. Homes for sale were listed in books printed on the mainland and shipped to Hawaii monthly. Today, that information would be obsolete upon arrival.

Times have obviously changed. Not only is modern information updated almost instantaneously, but Hawaii Information Service provides more than just multiple listing services for the two islands they support, they provide information services for the entire state on many levels.

“On the public record side it’s everything from counties, tax assessing, mapping permit and planning,” said company Chief Operating Officer Colleen Yasuhara.  

The company is building and creating new and more efficient software programs.

“So from the ground up from scratch we built the software from the database, to using source technologies to create microservices. And it all really goes to being faster,” Yasuhara said.

Yasuhara and Geronimo say they will work to stay ahead of the technology curve by always striving to develop new software programs. They will always strive to serve the agents they support on the Big Island and Kauai, as well as their employees who they say keep them energized.

“It’s been incredible to have a group of people shareholders who provides all the peaks and valleys that every business goes through right. business is not always fun but I really think that’s a secret to our success,” Yasuhara said.