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Business Matters

Koa Wagner and Pono Nauka are living their dream. 

Customizing the homes of others so from the moment they walk through the door, everything they want is right at their fingertips.

“It’s designed around taking all these complicated things and simplifying it,” said Wagner. “You know, you hit one button and you’re ready to go. The light’s perfect, music’s perfect.”

Today they’re working with Howard Hughes and Kobayashi group helping to retrofit and design some of the priciest condos on Oahu and their showroom isn’t too shabby either. 

But it was always this way. 

After some early success, Wagner’s business disappeared during the recession. 

“Wound up in a storage unit..200 square-feet space,” he said. “It was just meet again, no employees and then started to rebuild it slowly kind of to where we are now.”

Wagner says there were times when he doubted whether he would have the strength to start over again, but he did. 

He eventually partnered up with Nauka and together they work to make the lives of others more convenient and more enjoyable. 

“We want to make sure everything is future-proof, so to speak,” said Nauka. “So that things we’re putting in, the infrastructure we’re putting in, is relevant regardless of how long it takes.”

Even though a lot of the work is dedicated to multi-million dollar units, they say you don’t need to be rich to enjoy the creature comfort’s of the rich and famous.

“It’s available to anybody and that’s what a lot of people I think don’t realize is that you can do a lot of these things without having to spend millions,” said Nauka. 

Whether you start simple with a sound system or basic lighting or take it to the limit, Blueprint Audio Visual will be there to make sure everything works when you walk through your front door. 

“We don’t just walk away from a project, we try to be there for them through the life of the system,” said Wagner. 

And he says the formula to success is simple. 

Their mantra is make it easy and fun for others to work with them.

“Start to finish, we try to take the whole project through and really deliver something somebody is happy with and that’s the big pay off for us is the end, when everyone is happy with what they got,” said Nauka. 

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