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Business Matters

Jon and Candace Nakasone know a thing or two about physical fitness. They’ve both been active their entire lives, from competing in high school athletics and beyond.

Among other talents, Jon is an accomplished triathlete and candace an all American wrestler in college.

Both of them learning and absorbing every step of the way.

“I think our coaches had a big impact on our mentality and mindset, so that kinda translates to some of our clients.” said Candace. “Having that inspiration from coaches transfers to us as coaches as well.”

In short, they practice what they preach.

“Sustainable health and fitness that’s what we preach,” said Jon. “We are anti-fad diets, anti-fad workouts. We just preach what we do and take it from there.”

Of course they weren’t always so free to chart their own course. They met while working at other gyms, but it was there they realized they shared a common dream.

“We always knew we wanted to build our own make something our own,” said Candace.

“It was always a dream to open up our own studio and do it on our own terms and with the way we wanted it to,” said Jon. 

This past year, the dream became reality. They opened Aloha Personal Training. 

“The initial challenge was finding a place that we found this place which used to be Caesar’s Cleaners,” said Jon. “I just looked at her and said ‘Is this it?’ And she said, ‘Yeah, this is it’.” 

“I think the hardest thing was getting a business plan, coming up of the execution for selling and marketing and then finding out just how we want to set up our business in terms of location and clientele,” said Candace. 

Today, the business is gaining strength. Their clientele covers the entire spectrum.

“Our youngest client is eight and her oldest client is 92 and everyone in between,” said Jon. 

“It’s tremendous it really is,” said Vivian, one of the clients at Aloha Personal Training. “You get such individualized attention with your training and the proper way – not just to get it over with. I know my posture is better and my whole persona is better now.”

“John and Candace provide personalized attention,” said Thomas, another client. “They focus on the whole life approach with nutrition and technical abilities, but it’s really a family here so that’s why I love coming here. And I come here maybe once a week ever since I’ve been coming here it’s inspiring I get refreshed for the week ahead.”

“We’re blessed and lucky to have a community of friends and family that helped us put this together, we put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this facility and we’re really happy here,” said Jon. 

Happy, but also challenged knowing they need to constantly grow and evolve to satisfy the needs of those they serve.

“We’re blessed and lucky to have a community of friends and family that helped us put this together,” said Jon. “We put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this facility and we’re really happy here.”

“I think our biggest success is creating friendships in small group training and we’ve created the small group training pieces that help to connect people that maybe wouldn’t have seen each other or have met each other, but with finding those friendships, we could all grow and help each other become healthier help grow and become healthier individuals,” said Candace. 

“For us I think the secret to success is that everybody is different we want to make fitness sustainable for the individual and we want to avoid those peaks and valleys,” said Jon. 

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