HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s something many home and business owners don’t think about or put off until it’s too late, security.

If you or somebody you know has a security system in their home or business then chances are it’s Alert Alarm.

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Along with its sister company, National Fire Protection, Alert Alarm has watched over tens of thousands of Hawaii businesses and homes.

“The combined companies are leading suppliers of fire safety and security systems that we install service and monitor,” said Alert Alarm Hawaii President Roger Savage.

From small homes to huge commercial property or businesses, the company has a large number of systems designed to protect everything. All of them were tested and installed by the company’s own team of employees which numbers more than 150.

A number that includes the always busy 24/7 call center.

“Actually in the call center we actually get about 3,000 calls or signals per day,” said Savage.

The alarms have singled everything from fire to break-ins making these warning systems all the more necessary.

“It is unfortunate when crime rises,” said Savage. “Yes it helps our business, but we try to work hand-in-hand with HPD our neighborhood watches to try to reduce that type of thanks again people get desperate and they break-in and stealing things.”

As of right now the company looks after approximately 18,000 businesses and another 12,000 residences. These numbers not only include the ones on Oahu.

“We have facilities and all the other islands to on the Big Island 1:1 in Hilo. One in Maui and the other on Kauai In Lihue,” explained Savage.

Twelve years ago, Savage took over the company. He said the company has more than tripled in size since then.

“And how we grew this company through technology. And really upgrading the technology that we offer our customer base and the services we offer our customers. And in addition to that, crime has increased as well,” Savage added.

Like most businesses over the past two years, Savage said the pandemic necessitated change. But in his case, it was giving back to those that have supported him over the years.

“There were a lot of companies that were protected by us but they had to shut down and they had zero revenue,” said Savage. “But we in turn worked with them and said you know what we will still monitor your facilities. We won’t charge you for it, because we know when times turn around we’re still a partner with you.”

Savage says it’s that type of loyalty that’s led to the continuous growth of his company, along with those he counts on on a day-to-day basis.

“It’s really the employees. The people we have the Ohana within this organization and the suppliers and suppliers in the technology from the technology perspective,” Savage added.

Looking ahead, he said the plan is simple: continue to grow and continue to serve his customers.

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Savage said, “It’s worth the initial investment to install the system for security safety, especially for people who travel for a spouse that’s traveling for the family to have that security system have a monitoring center we can dispatch HPD on an urgent basis I think that’s critical to any family.”