Burglar found in home with woman, infant inside


A woman is shaken after she found out a burglar was inside her home while she and her infant were taking a nap. She considers her neighborhood a safe one but wants to raise awareness that it could still be a target.      

The burglary took place around 10:30 Monday morning. Tamlyn Kam tells us it was the best outcome for the worst situation because she and her daughter were unharmed. 

” I was taking a nap right here and they came in through the door right behind me,” said Kam. 

Kam tells us the suspect snuck in through the patio door, which is just an arm’s length away from the sofa she was napping on. Her daughter and dog Nala were also in the living room with her. Nala usually barks at strangers, but this time she didn’t. 

“I think that was God protecting us and just being like don’t make a noise Nala because if I had turned around like what if he attacked me because look how close? If I woke up looked him in the eye, what would stop him from knocking me out?”

Kam woke up not knowing that the suspect was still in her home. When she turned around she said she saw the suspect heading out the patio. 

“The next thing I did was grab my phone, check on the baby, and called 911,” said Kam. “What kills me too is I thought about locking the door. Like closing the glass door and turning on the AC, but I was like it’s fine. It’s 10:30 in the morning like it’s good. I’m good.”

Aside from being home at the time of the burglary, Kam also has security cameras, which she thought would be a deterrent but apparently, it wasn’t. 

“It’s just scary to think that like literally I was inches away from danger. I don’t want anybody else to have to feel that,” said Kam. 

Kam says a few of her belongings were taken, but she’s grateful she and her daughter are safe. 

“If someone is in your home and they are robbing your house they obviously knew you were home so they are professional,” said self-defense expert Egan Inoue. 

Inoue says in a situation like this it’s better to let criminals steal what they want and let them go. Inoue says if an intruder is in your home, do not confront the person. 

“If you start screaming right away and this person is just trying to steal and that’s all his objective is, but you start screaming making a lot of noise and this person might turn around and do more than what he wants to do and is going to try to shut you up,” said Inoue. 

Inoue suggests:
-to stay quiet
-if you have children grab them and leave the house immediately
-if you can’t leave, hide and lock the doors.
-call 911 as soon as possible, and 
-if the suspect may attack you, Inoue says that’s when you should start screaming.

“My whole self-defense is get away. Don’t aggravate the situation.”

Honolulu Police say there have been no arrests at this time. Police are still investigating but there are security cameras in the area and Kam tells us she will be increasing her security measures. 

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