Bruno’s second concert went off without a hitch


Everything seemed to run like a well-oiled machine as fans packed Aloha Stadium for Bruno’s second show Saturday. The weather was perfect, traffic moved smoothly and parking wasn’t a problem.

Bruno mania is on. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement.

Crowds of fans screamed Bruno’s name out of their car windows as they approached the Aloha Stadium parking entrance.

“Bruno! Woo hoo! We are going to go to Bruno Mars! Yah!”

For some fans it wasn’t even their first time.

“Second time, second time,” yelled a couple as they drove up to the parking entrance.

For others it was.

But no matter the age. Everyone came prepared.

Lillian Martinez and her family arrived at 2:30p.m. They decided to get a bite to eat at McDonald’s before the concert and relax.

“We watched the news from Thursday to see how everything went,” said Martinez.

Glenn Waki, owner of McDonald’s Stadium Mall said he was impressed with how well the Aloha Stadium authorities coordinated things.

“The traffic hasbeen really, really good and I think that customers themselves, the people that are going to the concert, are prepared and know where to go,” Waki said.

He was expecting the crowds.

“Thursday was very, very busy between five and six. All the people came over, entered our restaurant and it was great. Tonight we’re ready let them come,” said Waki.

Fans just couldn’t wait for the show.

“Oh my God I just love Bruno Mars anything about him. He is the best,” said an excited fan. “Go Bruno woo hoo!”

Bruno’s final concert will be Sunday. A few reminders for anyone going: arrive early, make sure to bring only one small bag, and no umbrellas are allowed. There will be strict security checks entering Aloha Stadium.

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