UPDATE: After two weeks of ice cold showers, hot water is back on in the Mokihana dorm at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The boiler was fixed Friday morning to the relief of students.

“It’s a big relief, because I can finally get a hot shower in and go to bed after a long day of school and practice,” said student Miles Reed.


Some summer session students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa have been living in a dorm without hot water for two weeks.

One of the parents says she’s been getting the run around from the university, so she reached out to Action Line for help finding out when the problem will be fixed.

A spokeswoman says a contractor will be at the dorm Friday morning to fix the problem, and that’s a relief to the students who talked to us Thursday.

The lack of hot water is at the Mokihana dormitory. For some, because it’s summer, it’s not that big a deal.

“It’s hot outside, summer time, so right after class, you just jump in the cold water refresh,” said resident Zorich Palimoo.

For others though, it’s a little too refreshing.

“It’s not warm water, let me tell you that. It’s ice cold water. I don’t know how some of the kids can do it over here, but for me, I’m like throwing it on myself not even like really submersing myself,” said resident Josh Valmonte.

For students who do not want to take a cold shower, there is another option. They can get a key to the dorm next door, Lokelani, and use one of the showers there.

“It’s been terrible, so everyday basically, what I have to do is run down and get the key from the front desk and go over here to the neighboring one. I think it’s really an inconvenience,” said Valmonte.

KHON2 reached out to UH to get some answers. The school says 125-150 students are affected.

A problem with the boiler started about two weeks ago. The contractor had to wait for certain parts, but UH says it will be fixed Friday.

“We apologize for any discomfort or inconvenience it may have caused,” said UH spokeswoman Kelli Abe Trifonovich. “They are being offered alternate accommodations nearby at Hale Lokelani if they would like to.”

Trifonovich says students can move to Lokelani even after the problem has been fixed.

Some students point out that the maintenance of the dorms should be better.

“I think with the price we’re paying for this dorm, the simple things like that, you always expect,” said resident Michael Leval.

According to the university’s housing website, each student pays $950 for about a six-week summer session from July 1 to August 11.

Leval thinks that UH needs to be more proactive in preventing other problems. The lack of hot water was also a problem at Hale Wainani Apartments in August 2015.

“They’ll do patchwork jobs on the buildings to fix maybe one or two aspects of what is really wrong, but they really won’t get to the bottom of it,” Leval said.