Board of Water Supply addresses community outreach over dam evacuation plans


The Board of Water Supply says it will focus on improving its message to the community two weeks after water in a Nuuanu reservoir nearly reached the spillway.

Starting Tuesday, officials will meet to discuss ways to reach out to the affected community. They say they’ll consider brochures, going door-to-door, and sending out direct mailings.

“It’s also very important working collaboratively with the Department of Emergency Management, City and County of Honolulu, and other city and state agencies that we get a message out about the evacuation and if there is a need for evacuation, why is evacuation being triggered, and also where do they need to go and how will they get out of their homes,” said Ernest Lau, Board of Water Supply manager and chief engineer.

Always Investigating found very little public knowledge about what to do and who would have been affected not just in Nuuanu, but near the more than 130 other regulated dams statewide.

We researched the largest reservoirs on every island, and asked each of those dam owners, public and private, to share the evacuation maps from the emergency action plans (EAPs) that state law requires they make.

Click here to view the information we’ve gathered so far.

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