The cost of school lunch could be going up.

Under a proposal being considered by the Board of Education, school lunch prices would rise by a quarter starting next school year and for another two years after that.

The last time school lunch prices were increased was back in 2011.

The Department of Education says the changes would bring in an extra $1.7 million per year.

No final decision has been made, because board members want to take a closer look at exactly how much it costs to prepare each lunch.

“We asked the department to get more information,” said Brian De Lima, the board’s finance committee chair. “We’re very concerned about increased costs. We want to ensure the public that we wanted to require the department to really examine the cost of preparing.”

“Obviously it’s not something we want to do. We certainly do not want to put that burden back on the parent,” said Dann Carlson with the DOE’s office of school facilities and support services. “We’re going to go back and do some of our homework which the board asked us to do to try and crunch those numbers so they can see the specifics.”

The issue will be taken up again at a meeting next month.