The city is taking steps to make sure roads like Tantalus Drive will be safe from drivers who drift or drift race.

Bill 7 passed third reading Wednesday and now heads to the mayor’s office.

If signed into law, drivers will be fined up to $2,000 and/or face prison time up to one year if they were caught drifting.

Current laws treat drifting as a variation of racing, but this proposal clarifies the act of drifting as an offense.

The measure comes on the heels of a terrible crash in January when triathlete Lectie Altman was hit by a car drifting on Tantalus Drive.

Altman’s supporters say any change to stop the dangerous activity is a step forward.

“People should not be doing anything fast or racing in a car besides just going from point A to point B the safest way possible, because accidents can happen and in this case, unfortunately, was a great friend of ours, a great athlete, so her life has changed forever,” said Raul Boca of Boca Hawaii.

Altman was hospitalized in critical condition and went through multiple surgeries.

She is still learning how to walk again.