Biki bikeshare expands into other neighborhoods as it celebrates one year in Honolulu


Biki’s bright blue bicycles zipping around the urban core is celebrating a milestone. 

On Thursday, Biki bikeshare will celebrate one year since it launched in Honolulu. 

The company says over 840,000 rides have been tracked since day one. To celebrate, it will hold festivities at Honolulu Hale on June 28 from 4-6 p.m, at the Pavilion facing King Street by the water fountain. 

As it celebrates the milestone, the company is also working to expand into other neighborhoods. 

There are currently 100 Biki bike stations in the urban core. By the end of summer, expect about 40 more. 

Several stops will be built in the Iwilei, Makiki, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Diamond Head neighborhoods, including several stops at Kapiolani Community College. 

There’s another neighborhood Biki is eyeing: Kaimuki. 

“Even when we originally looked at a bikeshare program in Honolulu, Kaimuki was always an area of interest, but we had to start with that urban core,” explained  Grants and Program Manager Justine Espiritu. 

Biki has already met with businesses and residents. The aim is to move into Kaimuki by summer 2019. 

“There’s 2 thoughts in Kaimuki: some are keep Kaimuki, Kaimuki. The “old-fashioned” town, small community. There’s also ones that say ‘Okay, we need more development.’ If more development, then more people and more traffic for the businesses, yeah? It makes sense,” said Kaimuki Neighborhood Board Secretary Lori Yamada. 

She says concerns linger, like if Biki will take over parking spaces to build its stations, like it has in town. 

“Parking is always an issue in Kaimuki. And they’re thinking of using a little space in the municipal parking lots,” said Yamada.  

Espiritu says building stations are always discussed with each neighborhood. 

“Our first priority is always wide sidewalks, then we’re looking at off street locations, path and park space, then restricted parking or where you can’t park and last resort, taking a parking spot. Every community is different. We’ll have to face it when we got there. Super preliminary. If you live and work in Kaimuki, let us know how you feel.”

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