Bicycling league says HPD ‘barked up the wrong tree’ with daytime enforcement


Several bicyclists were ticketed by Honolulu police on Thursday morning.

The Hawaii Bicycling League said it happened on the King Street protected bike lane.

Bicyclists were given tickets for registration and light reflector violations.

The executive director of the Hawaii Bicycling League, Chad Taniguchi, believes the Honolulu Police Department “barked up the wrong tree” with Thursday’s daytime enforcement.

“We support the Honolulu Police Department,” Taniguchi said.  “They’re protective of everyone especially people who walk and bike.”

But Taniguchi said, “The thing that we have issues with HPD on their enforcement today was that ticketing people for not having bike registration and not having a light reflector during the day did nothing for the safety of bicyclists.”

Taniguchi told KHON2 that he would like the police department to do more enforcement at night.

“We would like to see them ticketing bicyclists at night who don’t use lights.  That’s dangerous.  They should be ticketed for their own safety and for the safety of drivers who might hit them inadvertently.”

The Hawaii Bicycling League said it was told by HPD that it’s enforcement on the King Street protected bike lane was paid by a grant to address bicycle violations.

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