Beware of schemes aimed at college students


HONOLULU (KHON2) — College students are heading back to school and officials have a warning about the top scams they should avoid.

College students are starting to return to school.

But officials say they should already be doing their homework on the top scams targeting them.

Students should be aware of fake apartment scams if they’re looking for off campus housing.

“You’re going to find scammers who put it either on Craigslist or some other form,” said BBB Marketplace Manager Roseann Freitas. “You send the money or you send your credit card information and then they have you right then and there and you still don’t have anywhere to live.”

It’s not just where you’ll be living that you need to be careful about but with who.

“Be real careful also on Craigslist when someone is looking for a roommate,” Freitas said. “You really need to do your due diligence check it out before you give anybody your personal information.”

Many college students receive different offers to apply for credit cards, but not all of those offers are legitimate.

“Some of them are scammers and their goal is to get the information of the student, that being their name, their birthday and of course their social security number,” explained Freitas.

Employment scams are the most common among people 18 to 25 years old.

Students are approached with a great work opportunity, but a big red flag is when the employer asks for personal information before you’re hired.

“So when applying for any job be careful before you give a social security number.” added Freitas. “You shouldn’t have to give that information until you have been hired.”

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