Better communication planned for residents near Nuuanu Reservoir


The Board of Water Supply has released the Emergency Action Plan for Nuuanu Reservoir #1.

Always Investigating asked for the report since many residents were caught off guard by Thursday’s evacuation confusion.

The Emergency Action Plan shows the alert levels for different natural disasters as they may affect the reservoir, who should evacuate, and how quickly any water breach would reach different areas.

The Board of Water Supply says it wants to start a new level of communication with the public.

“We have some fact sheets we are working on for all three of our dams, FAQs and evacuation maps,” said Kathleen Pahinui, Board of Water Supply Spokesperson. “And then what we are planning on doing is making that available to the public through our website. We are going to actually put up a section on emergency planning.”

They say that they also want to reach out to schools, businesses and hospitals to keep them informed.

Click here to see the complete Emergency Action Plan for Nuuanu Reservoir #1.

Model Output Statistics

Inhabited areas, landmarksDistance from breach (miles)Time from beginning of breach to first inundation (minutes)Time from beginning of breach to maximum water depth (minutes)Maximum flood depth (feet)
Country Club Rd0.084 min19.625.33
Pahoehoe Pl / Ahipuu St0.318 min21.148.73
Kupu Pl0.5912.5 min22.826.98
Pahili Rd / Stream Dr0.7315 min23.775.61
Maui St / Stream Dr0.8516 min25.288.53
Wyllie St0.9919 min26.747.89
Kawananakoa Pl1.2221 min28.005.23
Apio Ln1.3922 min28.873.00
N Judd St1.5023 min29.694.55
Bates St1.6424 min30.295.21
N Kuakini St1.8426.5 min32.105.82
W H1 Fwy2.1329 min34.0812.53
N Vineyard Blvd2.3031 min36.276.46
Canal2.3231.5 min38.415.94
N Kukui St2.4233 min44.173.25
N Beretania St2.5537.5 min46.752.61
N King St / Iwilei Rd2.7141 min49.731.97
Sumner St2.8854 min63.981.00
Pacific St3.131 hr 27 min109.780.26
N Nimitz Hwy3.292 hrs 55 min216.750.13
Canal (port)2.8542 min51.421.66
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