Being a good neighbor in Kakaako


A raging rave party Saturday night ignited many complaints from area residents, and now several days later, has ignited many questions about jurisdiction and ultimately, whether or not these parties legal in Kakaako. This morning on Wake Up 2day, Jesse Souki, HCDA Executive Director joined us in studio to talk about the issue.

On Tuesday, the property owner told KHON2 that no laws were broken and HPD said no permits were required which is why the party was able to continue. Souki says the property owner has promised to work with HCDA and area residents in the future before holding any other event on the property. He also reminded that HCDA is limited in some areas of authority. “Noise ordinances, street closure permits on county city roads, crimes all those types of public health and safety enforcement that the city does is not under HCDA’s power or authority,” says Souki.

Any changes to the current zone designation in Kakaako would require public hearings. Souki says at this point what’s important is for property owners to be “good neighbors.”

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