Bed Bath & Beyond warns consumers of latest Mother’s Day coupon scam

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Mother’s day is approaching and many people are scrambling to the malls looking for that perfect gift for mom, but before you do—beware.

Sadly, con artists and scammers are taking advantage of our moms — or at least their day — and finding ways to rip you off.

Bed Bath & Beyond is joining a growing list of retailers warning its customers to be wary.

There’s an online coupon circulating on Facebook promising $75 off an in-store purchase in honor of Mother’s Day.

Bed Bath & Beyond says resist the urge to click it because it’s a fake.

The chain is apologizing for the confusion the fake coupons are causing and is working with Facebook to have them removed, but this is another example to be careful what you click online.

If you come across a coupon from any retailer and you’re not sure if it’s legitimate, call the company first.

Experts say these phishing scams are so realistic, it’s easy to fall victim.

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