Battery recycling, paint exchange program closes on Maui


The nonprofit environmental organization Malama Maui Nui will be closing its household batteries recycling program and the paint exchange due to a lack of funds.

It will continue to collect batteries and host the pick-up and drop-off of usable water-based, acrylic, or latex paint through the end of business day Thursday, June 30.

Malama Maui Nui’s programs have recycled over 20 tons of batteries and redistributed over 13,000 gallons of usable paint, diverting that much waste from ending up in Maui County landfills. Instead, those materials were given a second life: for the batteries, in the form of recycled plastic, rebar, fertilizers, and other useful products; and for the paint, as the key ingredient in countless Do-It-Yourself projects such as creating set backdrops for school plays, waterproofing outdoor sheds, renovating children’s bedrooms, even making dream boards for self-expression and inspiration.

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