Attorney says another state hospital patient has confessed to giving Randall Saito fake ID’s


A state hospital patient has confessed to helping Randall Saito escape. 

That’s according to Saito’s attorney, who says the patient confessed to investigators with the Attorney General’s office.

Attorney Michael Green says the patient provided Saito with the fake ID’s that allowed him to fly all the way to California. 

Saito escaped from the Hawaii State Hospital in November 2017. He walked out of the facility and took a cab to the airport, where he took a charter flight to Maui, and then a commercial flight to California. 

He was arrested three days later with a cell phone, cash, and fake ID’s. Green says a patient has admitted to giving Saito the fake Id’s.

“The name will be presented to me probably in the next 60 days. The prosecutor is very up and up about the whole thing. He says yeah, I mean the person corroborated what your client says,” said Green.

He says the patient gave Saito the ID’s while they were at the Koolau Clubhouse, a facility near the state hospital where patients can get additional services. 

“What reason did this person give for confessing or for actually helping?” KHON2 asked.
“I don’t know but we’re gonna certainly find out and it’s gonna be very public cause it’s gonna be part of the trial,” said Green.

He says it’s still not clear who provided Saito with the cell phone and thousands of dollars in cash. 

The AG’s administrative investigation concluded that Saito did not get any help from the hospital staff. But the criminal investigation is still ongoing. 

Green says it’s troubling how much Saito and possibly other patients could get away with at the clubhouse.

“What else was brought to different people who are basically in custody at the state hospital that were being visited at the clubhouse? It’s pretty scary,” he said.

Green adds that the confession could clear Saito from the charge of identity theft, which carries a stiffer penalty than the escape charge which he also faces.

KHON2 checked with the Attorney General’s office about the confession but we have not heard back. State hospital patients have not been allowed to the Koolau Clubhouse since Saito’s escape.

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