Attorney: Randall Saito will testify and reveal secrets about state hospital


Two years after a notorious escape from the Hawaii State Hospital, former patient Randall Saito plans to reveal more secrets about the facility.

That’s according to his attorney, who says Saito will testify in his trial.

Attorney Michael Green says Saito does not want to go back to the state hospital, which puts Green in a legal dilemma.

“I will be surprised I’m sure by some of the things he says,” said Green

Saito was a patient at the state hospital for 37 years. He murdered a woman in Ala Moana Center and was acquitted by reason of insanity.

His attorney says he doesn’t know what Saito plans to reveal in his trial, but it has something to do with the reason why he does not want go back to the state hospital.

“He’s going to say things that I think no one knew about at the state hospital. Maybe things he saw being done to others or things that happened to him, and that will be his reason for never wanting to go back there,” said Green.

Saito escaped in November 2017 by taking a cab, then flying to Maui, and then to California. He was captured three days later and has been in custody at OCCC.

“He’s happier where he is now at OCCC than at the state hospital and OCCC is not exactly the Hilton,” said Green.

He faces charges of escape and identity theft because he allegedly used a fake ID to get on a commercial flight to California. Green says another patient confessed to giving Saito the fake ID’s and money to help him escape, which could mean that Saito would only be found guilty of the escape charge.

If so, Saito would serve five years in prison and would likely be sent back to the state hospital. Because of that, Green says Saito is not excited about getting the identity theft charge dropped. But Saito is looking forward to being on the witness stand to explain why he doesn’t want to go back to the state hospital.

“Because he’s convinced that if he says it now publicly, the prosecution of that case, the state, will do things to show that he’s making it up, it’s not true,” said Green.

Trial is scheduled for December.

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