Attorney for Kaiser head coach addresses season cancellation, conflict with parents


Kaiser High School’s head football coach wants to set the record straight after the school’s administration canceled the rest of the season.

Arnold Martinez’s lawyer told KHON2 Thursday that the season started off with challenges, because there weren’t enough players.

Kaiser only played one game this season at Campbell. They had to forfeit three other games.

“Each week it was a question mark as to whether they have enough players to play this season or have enough number to safely play their games, so the news came out at the beginning at the season that they were going to do a modified season,” said attorney Brandon Flores. “When that news came out, there was a lot of pushback from the parents, who I think thought Martinez was behind that decision. Honestly, Martinez wanted to play as many games as he could, and he did not want to cancel any games or forfeit or cancel the season, because the administration wisely decided that safety was more important than playing a game. Then Arnold went along with it and accepted it.”

Over the weekend, Flores says school officials and coaches met to discuss pulling players up from the junior varsity team, so both teams could play their homecoming games Friday.

That’s when, according to Flores, an incident broke out between Martinez and parents.

“Unfortunately, it happened in front of the players. At that point, the decision was immediately made by the administration to cancel the season. Police were called. As far as I understand, there’s an ongoing police investigation, and Mr. Martinez felt concerned for his safety and that’s why we took out the restraining orders,” Flores said.

“You would hope that people could handle disagreements without resorting to threats or violence, and unfortunately you can’t control what people do, but in a perfect world, things could have been worked out and discussed without getting to this stage,” he continued.

The TROs also outline ongoing threats directed at Martinez and his family.

Flores says while Martinez has taken the past few days off, he continues to serve as the team’s head coach.

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