Are you getting enough sun? Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Taking a walk outside is something many of us might take for granted.

Dr. Teralyn sell is a psychotherapist who specializes in brain health who said you probably should rethink how much time you are spending indoors.

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“To get vitamin D daily cannot be overlooked and even people in sunshine states have low levels of vitamin D,” said Dr. Sell. “Most people are shocked by that. They say I am moving to Hawaii or Florida, and that’s going to take care of that.”

Dr. Sell says most people cover up when doing outdoor activities like wearing long sleeves, hats, glasses, and sunblock. Meaning they are blocking themselves from getting vitamin D. 

“Vitamin D is crucial nutrient for so many bodies function from immunity to bone health to heart health and lung health and particular to brain health,” said Dr. Sell. “Vitamin D is what’s called a nutrient co-factor in our neurotransmitter pathways.”

Vitamin D helps produce your dopamine and serotonin levels which ultimately improves your mood.
Dr. Sell also said as our body ages it does not produce vitamin D like it did when you were younger which causes some to have a deficiency.

“The first thing I would recommend is actually getting your vitamin D levels checked to make sure that you have a deficiency, or you don’t. That’s step number one.”

“Just getting out in the sun just 15-30 minutes a day particularly not wearing sunglasses,” said Dr. Sell. “. Let the sun get into your eyes.”

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Step number 2 is getting checked twice a year at the end of summer moving into fall and once again during spring to know your vitamin D cycles.

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