Anti-Chinese graffiti investigated as hate crime in San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Racist graffiti littered across a San Francisco neighborhood is frustrating residents and raising serious concerns about a growing racial divide in the city.

It’s a disturbing sight that many in the Portola neighborhood had to wake up to Sunday.

“No more Chinese” written in bright orange spray paint, on fences, walls and even the backstop of a public park.

Tommy Luk, who has lived in this neighborhood 25 years, says he’s never experienced this kind of racism before and he’s disturbed and saddened to see it in his own hometown.

“It does surprise me because we are such a diverse city. You come to this city and you see everything and everyone. So to see it happening so close to home… hurts a little bit more,” Luk said.

There has been several other incidents involving racist graffiti that San Francisco police are looking into recently.

At the end of August, the words “white power” were found scrawled on a window at 24th and Harrison and a swastika was tagged on the McDonald’s just a few blocks away.

The following day, someone broke into Saint Paul Tabernacle Baptist Church in the Bayview, poured bleach on the pews, and scrawled racial slurs on the walls and the numbers 666, a satanic reference.

A few weeks before that a man was caught on videotape vandalizing the home of a Chinese American tech entrepreneur in Duboce Triangle; that night the vandal used a marker to write an expletive and anti-Asian slur so offensive, we’ve blurred it out.

This weekend’s rash of vandalism was upsetting to many. But not everyone was totally surprised to see an act of racism in a city world renowned for it’s diversity and tolerance.

“It doesn’t surprise me ’cause no place is immune to anything. It just seems so out of the blue I guess. I kind of thought we were past this. What’s happened to bring this on, why this suddenly?” Mary Alice from Salcedo said.

Some neighbors have taken it upon themselves to alter the tags, crossing out or whiting out the words, or in one case covering it up with a heart so it reads “Love more Chinese.”

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