Another animal clinic burglarized, drugs stolen


Another veterinary clinic was broken into and it happened a week before the Oahu SPCA was burglarized. Hundreds of dollars worth of drugs were taken and some believe vet clinics on the island are being targeted. 

Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services in Aiea tells us one or more burglars entered into a vacant space and broke through drywall to get inside its office, which is still under construction. 

“The whole dry wall thing really really stumped us. It stumped the police because that is a dedicated way to break in,” said Dr. Kelly Dowdall-Garberson. 

More than $12-hundred worth of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine, and vitamin injections were stolen. Dr. Dowdall-Garberson believes the crooks were looking for anything of value like narcotics and tranquilizers. Those are stored in a secure place and were not taken. 

“We take having that very seriously. In order to store those at a certain location, we need a high enough security to do that knowing that’s an inherent risk of being targeted,” said Dr. Dowdall-Garberson. 

Medical experts say many medications used on animals are also used for people. With the opioid epidemic still a major problem, it’s not out of the ordinary that animal clinics get burglarized across the country. 

“Nowadays they write prescriptions so it’s unlikely that a doctor’s office would have supply of narcotics, say where as vet clinics dispense their own medicines still,” said medical expert Dr. Kalani Brady. 

Dr. Brady says antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine cannot be abused. Of course, it’s a different story with any kind of pain killers. 

“Well they could be sold on the street and they can be reformatted so that they can become more powerful,” he said. 

Honolulu Police tell us there are no arrests at this time.

A week later Oahua SPCA was burglarized and, among many appliances, important medicines were also taken. We’re told the vet community across the island is aware and on alert of the two recent burglaries.

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