Amy Hanaiali’i brightens the holidays with release of new CD


On Saturday night, she performed at the Honolulu City Lights, and then on Sunday, she was at the treelighting at Maui’s Grand Wailea Resort, where she also held her CD release party.

Through the years, Amy’s racked up dozens of Na Hoku Hanohano awards, performed here at the Honolulu City Lights six or seven times she says, and at Hawai’i Theater countless times, in fact coming up on Dec. 18, 19 and 20, she’ll be there with Willy K. for their holiday show.

“Which is going to be super fun, it’s a whole show, a whole band dancer, so that’s gonna be very fun,” said Hanaialii.

But she’s also business savvy, and she loves merlot.

“I’ve always loved merlot, I was performing at the Lincoln Performing Arts Center in Napa and my wine partners now were there and asked if I wanted to do a celebrity wine, so I said as long as I can make it the way I like wine of course I would so it’s just been a phenomenal thing I’ve been doing with it,” said Hanaialii.

Her 90 point award-winning wine came out two years ago.

It did very very well, it’s a tattoo on my arm so you can’t miss it it’s called Hanaiali’i,” she added. “We did so well with that vintage that we went into a second vintage that I released beginning of this year and we just released a chardonnay so super excited the wine is doing so well.”

And to accompany her chardonnay, her “Chardonnay” CD, a release party at Grand Wailea Maui Sunday night.

A sparkling wine next year, a Japan tour, and if you think Amy’s out of surprises, think again.

“I have something kind of in the works on Maui that I can’t really say what it is yet,” she said. “But there will definitely be a press release on it, that’s super exciting.”

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