Report shows millions budgeted for Honolulu Police Department left unspent

Always Investigating

Always Investigating found out the Honolulu Police Department let millions of budgeted dollars lapse unspent, while some divisions, including the police commission, have seen spending soar in recent years.

According to a report just issued by the city administration, the police department had a budget last fiscal year of more than $236 million from the general fund and didn’t spend all of it, leaving $9 million lapsed.

The report shows millions more also unspent from police-related special funds and capital improvement line items.

The police commission, in charge, among other things, of hiring and firing police chiefs, spent $500,000 of its more than $600,000 budget, again leaving quite a chunk of its budget unspent.

Its last annual report on record shows spending has grown 27 percent in the past couple years. Expenses include an office rental at Alii Place and several employees.

All of the police commissioners serve as unpaid volunteers.

We’ll follow up on how the police department will manage its budgeting and spending going forward.

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