Aloha Stadium needs $30 million in repairs to keep going


At nearly 45 years old, Aloha Stadium is showing its age and needs $30 million in repairs in just the next couple of years.

The latest evaluation report on the structural integrity of Aloha Stadium reveals corrosion issues that have not been spotted before like rust at the base of the diagonal cross bracing frames at the end zones.  

“First and foremost we want to make clear that the stadium is safe; however, the report finds that the facility is deteriorating at an accelerated pace. This is not unexpected given the age of the facility,” said Stadium Authority Chari Ross Yamasaki. 

Rebuilding Aloha Stadium

To stay ahead and ensure public safety beyond the next two years, immediate repairs are needed for: 

  • Corroded diagonal braces that support the structure all the way to the roof.
  • Cracked bracing clips that stabilize the seating sections.
  • Rusted edges of the floors beneath the seats.

“We would like to plan far enough where we can be in a preventative maintenance mode so we are spending the least amount of money to prevent things from happening versus addressing them before they become an issue,” said Yamasaki. 

That’s been a challenge. For 2018 and 2019, we’re told zero funds were made available for capital improvement projects. After this evaluation report, Aloha Stadium is asking for $30-million over the next two years. 

This comes during a time full of events such as the NFL preseason football game with the LA Rams. If they don’t get the funding needed, fewer seats will go on sale. At this point, officials don’t believe events would be canceled. 

“Basically, if we cannot get enough funding for construction, the work will stop and we will start going into monitoring mode,” said Christine Kinimaka of the state Department of Accounting and General Services, “that could go as far as starting to shut down sections of the stadium in those critical areas.”

From now on, inspections will also increase from every other year to every year. Inspection cost roughly $2-300,000. We’re told these repairs are needed regardless, so it’s not pushing back any plans for a new stadium. 

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