The second legislative election in Hawaiʻi was held in 1874 between Queen Dowager Emma Naʻea Rooke (widow to King Kamehameha IV) and David Laʻamea Kalākaua. 

Even though the popular vote went to Queen Emma, the legislative victory went to Kalākaua, who became a beloved ruler and given the nickname “The Merrie Monarch.” 

King Kalākaua lived and ruled during a time when the Native Hawaiian population was rapidly declining while the changes and evolution from the western world were increasing. 

Because he sought to become more educated with his sovereign power and find ways to help his struggling people, King Kalākaua set out for a world tour, taking him across the seas, meeting with heads of nations, building diplomatic relationships and being inspired by other ways of life. 

When he returned back to Oʻahu October of 1881, King Kalākaua became the first sovereign of any nation to circumnavigate the globe.

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