Alligator dies after more than six decades at Honolulu Zoo

goliath alligator file_92150

One of the Honolulu Zoo’s alligators has passed away.

The larger alligator, Goliath, died Wednesday, April 29, from what appears to be liver failure, according to zoo director Baird Fleming.

Goliath was brought to the Honolulu Zoo in 1953 by the zoo’s first director, Paul Breese.

Breese says he distinctly remembers “going to the alligator farm in San Antonio and measuring their biggest gator. He was 10 feet long and they said he was at least 20 years old at the time.”

According to global zoo records, this means that Goliath was the longest-lived captive alligator ever recorded in the world.

“We are very sorry to have Goliath leave us, but are very happy to have had him with us for so long,” said Fleming.

The Honolulu Zoo has one remaining alligator, a male named Bob.

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