Allenby stands by story, says truth will come out


Robert Allenby is standing by his story of a beating and robbery in Hawaii, even though he has no memory of a part of that night.

Allenby spoke Tuesday at the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Ariz., his first tournament since he missed the cut in the Sony Open in Honolulu on Jan. 16. He posted photos of a bloodied forehead and swollen eye to his Facebook account. He says he was beaten and robbed. Honolulu police are investigating it as second-degree robbery.

Allenby says he has not lied to anyone. He says he has told everything he remembers and what was told to him by a homeless woman in a park.

“I only told you what I knew and what someone told me,” he said. “That is the bottom line and from that, obviously, the media decided they’re the most amazing experts at investigations, and there’s a reason why detectives in Honolulu are some of the best in the world. I think I really appreciate it if we just let them do their job and maybe we could get to the bottom of it.

“If I did do something wrong, I have no problem in the world in owning up to it, but as I said, from about 11:06 p.m. to about 1:27 a.m., I have no memory in my brain. I have nothing.”

Allenby said his father and family “are devastated. I think people forget I have a 13-year-old daugther and a 15-year-old son that love their father very much, and a lot obviously has been said, and there’s a lot of trash talk out there.

“And I’m OK with that, because I’ve got a thick skin, but my kids are still growing, they’re still learning. It’s more I’ve tried to guard them because this is something that should be guarded from them, because the truth hasn’t really come out and lot of speculations.

“There’s no proof to anything, so as I said, the detectives are doing the best job possible and they will get to the bottom of it and hopefully we’ll hear something by the end of this week,” he said.

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